Terms and Conditions

Vacationer (tenant) & Del Mar Vacations (landlord) Agree to The Following

1. Occupancy -The rental rate was set according to your statement of occupancy; if the number of people occupying increases without notice, this contract will be null and void. You must contact Del Mar Vacations for any increase in occupancy; this may incur changes to the rental agreement. Property is not to be used for any function that exceeds the occupancy limit. Town occupancy limits will be enforced by the town.

2. Damage – The tenant will be responsible for all damage or breakage and or loss on the premises, except for normal wear and tear which may result from occupancy.

3. Cleaning – The tenant will leave the premises in the same good and clean condition found upon occupancy. If excessive cleaning is required upon your departure it will be contracted at $50/hr and charged to either your credit card, your damage deposit or your travel insurance policy.

4. Beds – The bed is supplied with a pillow & blanket. We also supply a bin of linens which includes sheets for each bed & a bath towel for each guest. The tenant will supply the tenant’s own beach towels, extra blankets, extra bath towels and extra pillows.

5. Liability – the tenant agrees to be responsible for his, and his guests’ safety. Further, tenant agrees that any injuries while on the property are the sole responsibility of the tenant and his guests and you will hold-harmless both the property owner and Del Mar Vacations.

6. Pets – depending on the property, pets may be allowed. If they are it is according to the following terms.
Pets are allowed upon approval with a nightly fee. The owner is responsible for their pet at all times and takes full legal liability for any damage or harm the animal may do to the property or persons on and near the property. Pets are not allowed on the beds or furniture and extra cleaning required due to pet fur will be contracted at $50/hr and deducted from the pet deposit or charged to your credit card. Tenants are responsible to remove any and all pet waste from the property. Remaining waste in the yard, home or other areas will be cause for charging a penalty of up to $200.

7. Compliance – If the tenant defaults and or otherwise fails to comply as regards any item in this lease, the tenant agrees to vacate said premises, upon receipt of proper notice from the landlord and/or upon proper commencement and final adjudication of proceedings authorized and or required by the applicable laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

8. Access – The tenant will allow the landlord or his agent to enter and view the premises: a) to inspect premises inside and out as needed, b) to make repairs as needed, c) to show the same to a prospective tenant or purchaser, d) pursuant to a court order, and e) to protect the premises if it appears that said premises have been abandoned by the tenant.

9. Furnishings -The landlord will supply fixtures and household furnishings, equipment or other personal property only as represented at the time of reservation and when the initial deposit is made.

10. Vacation Lease – The landlord and tenant state that the rental of these premises is for a vacation as expressed in Massachusetts General Law C. 186 15B (9). Should the property transfer ownership for any reason this contract is null and void and the limit of the landlord’s liability is the paid monies by the tenant.

11. Cancellation – In the case of cancellation by the tenant, the collected monies are not refunded unless the property is rerented for the same period of time at the same rate, in which case, the refund shall be the total collected monies less 10%. You may purchase additional Trip Protection upon checkout to protect your monies in case of cancellation.

12. Security Deposit / Rental Insurance – The security deposit is not to be considered prepaid rent, nor shall any damages claimed be limited to the amount of said security deposit. The landlord will notify the tenant with an itemized list of any lawful deductions and any damages claimed to have been caused by the tenant and return the entire security deposit less damages and other lawful deductions, within forty five (45) days after termination of the tenancy. Deductions may be made for excessive cleaning services required after tenant’s departure, damages to the property or its contents, or late departure by the tenants. Charges to the security deposit will result if: a the carpet needs cleaning as a result of your stay, if furniture is moved or damaged, or if a plumber/septic company needs to be dispatched due to your use. Septics do not tolerate any paper product other than septic safe toilet paper.

13. There is absolutely no smoking permitted in the rental property. Smoking inside the house will cause automatic forfeit of security deposit, and said monies will be used for extensive cleaning services.

14. Utilities, Services and Appliances – These are provided as noted in the house description in good and working order by the landlord. Should there be an interruption of the utilities, services, and appliances due to circumstances beyond the landlord’s control the landlord will make every effort to remedy the problem in a timely manner. However the landlord is not to be held financially liable for an interruption in the utilities, services or appliances to the dwelling.

15. No refunds will be given for storms/weather related conditions. In signing the terms and/or paying my deposit I agree to the terms and condition of this rental contract.